The Details….


Adding accessories to a room is like adding jewellery to an outfit; it can make or break a space. Too much, too little, in style, out of date, too big, too small, this material that fabric, this place that spot – styling can quickly become overwhelming.  Before you know it, you’re ready to throw in the towel. For those of you who are downsizing however, this especially applies to you. Moving into a smaller space is a great opportunity to get rid of all of the little objects you have accumulated over the years. At some point it is time to say good-bye so that you can start anew. Think of it as creating space for something great to fill its place even if that something is a bit of empty space.

We all crave to live in a warm and inviting home and accessories are that special final touch that remind us of where we have been and who we are. It is these items that give a little glimpse into what we love and where our interests lie and more often than not, can create quite an impression.  For example, throwing a scarf over a coat hook can make the entrance feel a little more whimsical and carefree while also adding colour, texture or pattern. A fresh vase of flowers on the console table can soothe the senses especially if they are a colour you love and pleasantly aromatic. A tasteful arrangement of framed photos on the wall can give your guests a glimpse into the places and people you have seen and met. A stack of books on a coffee table can tell a story about the lifestyle you enjoy and where your interests may lie.

Accessories, if laid out meaningfully and thoughtfully, can really make the home tell a story and even mystify your guests. You can place your favourite china in a display cabinet accentuating your vintage style and you can just as easily throw some animal print cushions on your couch to remind you of your love for animals or perhaps an exotic trip to Africa that you took. As fun as it is to impress, it is important that you feel at one with your space.

The arrangement of your accessories is best guided by the principles of visual display and the fundamentals of design. Firstly choose colours, textures and patterns that create emphasis and/or harmony in the room. For example, add an item or two with colour in a balanced way throughout a neutral coloured room. If you don’t like colour then choose accessories that have lots of texture. You may have to fidget a little to get the arrangement just right. Look at the balance and scale of your grouping and see if it works. A symmetrical display gives a more formal feel and an asymmetrical one gives it a more casual look. Either way it has to be pleasing to your eyes.

Moving into a new home is an excellent chance to clear the past of objects that no longer serve their purpose and start afresh. We are ever changing and evolving and most likely are not the same people we were twenty or thirty years ago. Our homes are thus an expressive outlet, if you will, where we have the chance to share our uniqueness with others. Unless we are artists we don’t get the opportunity to express ourselves too often and it is probably why we love decorating our homes so much. Decorating allows us to share our individuality and take pride in our home. Accessories therefore are one tool you can use to tell your story and in this case your essence is in the details!

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