Benjamin Moore Colour Forecast 2013

I attended the Benjamin Moore Color Pulse 2013 seminar and was really excited by their trends and colour forecast.  I thought I would share with you some of what was presented in a list of how colours are ‘evolving’ in the next 12 to 18 months.

Red and blue continue to be the most popular colours; their shades are changing to reflect trends in hand crafted objects, retro design and technology.  For example, red is going towards a deeper hue (by adding black) and is being combined with texture.  Below is an example of this tonal red hue pictured in one of my projects:

Red combined with its analagous colours, orange and yellow, is also emerging for 2013.

Blue is making a really big statement for 2013 and is characterized by deeper tones such as navy and cobalt blue.  Relaxed and casual blues such as Whythe Blue, 2012 colour of the year, are big as well. Blue in combination with its compliment orange is on the scene and is exemplified below:

Orange is another buzz colour of the year with a move toward bronze.  It is also being  combined with coral, pink and yellow.

The retro ‘come back’ colours include mint green, pink and peach although they are only starting to appear in a subtle manner.  A look at this peach room will give you an idea of a subtle peach.  I’m not too sure about the full peach hues at this point but this interior mixed with natural elements is pretty cool!.  Source:

Retro pink is also on its way back in (love it!).  It is being combined with deeper hues reflecting technology, like black and grey, to provide a ‘pop’ of colour.

Bright yellow is being infused by neutrals or is being used as a neutral itself.  Here is a sweet example of how combining yellows and neutrals bring an interior to life (source:

Green is taking its cue from nature and ranges from soft green to Kelley green as exemplified by this hand crafted bowl:

Finally, neutrals are being paired with greyed down colours or used by themselves in layers of texture. The greys are heading more towards a worn texture such as concrete.  Warm white is trending as well as a more crisp, pure white.  Black continues to be used in high contrast applications with texture and light interplays.  I myself am looking forward to seeing the brighter colours gaining ground in combination with either a crisp white or paired with a medley of greys.  Whether your style is more subdued or vibrant there is a little bit of something in it for everyone – all you need is a little bit of imagination and time to put it all together!

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