My Projects

Sam’s Basement Reno

One of my current projects is a basement renovation.  The home owner, Sam, wants to create a second bedroom and have enough space for a living room, dining area and a small office space.  Here are the rough measurements for his space with notes.

Currently Sam has his living room in the far left room and the centre area is fairly empty at the moment with an exercise machine that he will relocate.  His goal is to create a basement apartment that he can eventually rent out.  On the top right hand corner of the drawing is an enclosed heating unit which will be removed as it is no longer functional.  The current bedroom and kitchen are not shown and are located at the right of the drawing at their respective entryways.  There are two columns in the centre of the room which make furniture placement a little challenging but luckily the space is large enough that a full living room can be arranged with a dining table and a desk.  All these little design dilemmas had Sam puzzled about what he could do with the space so I came up with a functional floor plan for him.

The new bedroom is spacious enough for a wall to wall closet as well as side table and a dresser.  Extra storage in this room will be a big plus.  A new wall can be created to enclose the bedroom and conceal the column (shown above as a hatched wall).  If complete privacy is wanted, a sliding barn door can be installed or a custom sized double door.

The living room consists of the existing sofa and coffee table.  Sam plans to purchase a new flat screen television which will be placed in the corner on a sleek stand.  A new lounge chair and side table can then be accommodated.  The dining area will at this point in time be furnished with the table and chairs from the kitchen and the office space furniture will be new.

Sam is a DIY’er and most of the painting and drywalling will be done by himself.  Next up will be the furniture and finishes board for his new space.  Stay tuned!

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