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Dining Rooms by Style

Meal time is an important part of our lives and a great dining space really adds to our culinary experience. Whether we live in the west or the east, eating a meal is a social experience that often brings friends and families together in conversation or even in quiet moments.  I love dinner time with the people I care about the most, especially if it is a home cooked meal!  These moments are priceless and I thought I would dedicate this post to dining rooms by presenting some different styles with the hope that it will provide you with a little bit of inspiration for your next dining room project.

Retro Modern:


Contemporary Rustic

west elm





Traditional Rustic:


Hope this gets you started on your next dining room project.  Always determine your style first, then if you like create a concept or theme for the room and go from there.  You would be amazed at how easily things come together.  Happy dining!

2 thoughts on “Dining Rooms by Style

  1. Reblogged this on One Rusty Nail and commented:
    Wow! These photos are so inspiring! I’d have to say I’m tied between Retro Modern and Eclectic (which screams “Shabby Chic!” to me) as my personal style favorites. I’m a fan of any cause that draws elements of vintage into modern day living, though!


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