Helpful Tips

Maximizing Small Spaces

Small spaces are always a challenge but you would be surprised how much you can do to create a comfortable home for yourself.  I myself live in a 700 square foot condo and find that it is all I need.  Above and beyond that, a larger place for me would simply be a luxury that maybe one day I can settle into. Whether we own or rent a small apartment, house or town house we are always looking for novel ways to create space.  Take a look at some of these ideas that can revamp your living areas with more living space and storage.

1.  If you are in need of an extra sleep area but don’t have a spare bedroom, consider of a murphy bed that can be neatly tucked away and concealed with coordinating cabinetry and shelving.


2.  Nesting tables are always a great way to store items and save space.


3.   Look for cool finds like this book shelf that will not only provide a storage solution but also add interest to the room.


4.  Try using up your vertical space as much as possible.  Look at the creative storage built into these stairs.  Love it!


5.  Use your hallway to store items if closet areas are sparse.  This wall feature is a great way to store keys, coats and purses.


When arranging furniture and placing decorative items on the floor or the wall always try to maintain a barrier-free area to move around in.  For example, buy furniture that is suitable for a small space and try not to crowd it with unnecessary items.  We should always be able to move around freely without bumping into things.  Multi purpose furniture with storage is a great option and a growing market in small space solutions should make it a little easier to plan.   Have fun!

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