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Tudor Charm

Good morning!  I wanted to share my work on an ongoing project and perhaps get your feedback.  I am working on a living room re-design and have some stringent criteria to meet.  The home is an early 20th century Tudor style house and has lots of traditional elements.  The living room space was recently renovated to include a powder room beyond the far right wall and as a result, the room size was reduced.  Ideally, my clients want to keep all of their existing furniture in the room which includes a sofa, a love seat, two wing chairs, a small side chair, a television, a coffee table and two side tables.  The challenge exists in that the fireplace is placed to one side of a rather long room and the couple do enjoy watching television and entertaining in this space.

Here is plan number one:


In this plan the television is placed between the two wing chairs on top of a audio/visual stand.  There was no room for the extra side chair.

Here is plan number two:


Here again the television is in the same place but the sofa and love seat were switched to create more balance.  Only one of the wing chairs could fit into the room with this plan but I think it is a more pleasing arrangement relative to plan number one.

Plan number three:


Now that the sofa is in front of the window there is a little more space and the two wing chairs are fitting nicely in the room.  The television again is on the stand but cannot be easily viewed if one is sitting on the wing chairs.

Finally, plan number four:


In this plan the television was placed above the fireplace which is not my favourite place for a television but I was able to fit all of the chairs and tables.  As well this seating arrangement not only favours discussion but television viewing by all/most who are sitting in the room.  This one is my preferred plan and will await my clients’ decision.  All drawings were done on Sketchup and kept in gray to focus in on the furniture arrangement itself.  The sofas and chairs are being re-upholstered and colour selections are complete with regards to fabrics and paint colours.  I will be posting my mood board soon!

2 thoughts on “Tudor Charm

  1. Just wondering…what if the TV was on the wall to the right of the fireplace and that end was set more for watching television and the other end was more of a conversation/sitting area with a grouping not necessarily about watching TV but sitting and having a drink and chat?


    1. Thanks Laura! Yes that would work, especially with plan number two. Only we would have to get rid of either the love seat or the chairs and the couple is really keen on utilizing all of their furniture. This is the challenge! Should be interesting…. 🙂


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