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Sam’s Basement Reno (Part 3)

Here are some photos of the progress work in Sam’s basement.  As mentioned, this a DIY project and Sam needed some help with updating the space on a budget.  From my original post on November 28th, 2012 the floor plan indicates the layout of the new space.  The main work consisted of tearing down the walls enclosing an old, non functional tank providing space for a small office and also adding a wall to form a second bedroom.

Once the walls were done, the next big thing was painting the outdated wood panelling in white.  The panels were lightly sanded, primed and holes/cracks were filled prior to painting.

Panelling (before):


Panelling (after)


The trim and baseboards shown in brown above will also be painted out in white as well to create a homogeneous look with the panelling.

East wall showing the enclosed tank (before):


East wall (after):


New bedroom (before):




So far the basement is looking a lot brighter.  There is still lots of finishing work left to do:  trim, doors, lighting, furniture and accessories.   My fourth and final post will be of the finished basement!

3 thoughts on “Sam’s Basement Reno (Part 3)

    1. Thanks Kari. It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do! It is definitely a lot of work but so worth it in the end. Sam did this himself, intermittently, over a period of a few months.
      Lori 🙂


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