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Picasso at the Art Gallery of Ontario


                                                                                              Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

The summer of 2012 was a summer of museums and I must say I didn’t have to go far to experience one of the best exhibits I have ever seen.  I don’t say this to mean that Picasso was the best artist of all time.  I am definitely not anyone to make this claim.  It was more in terms of impact:  I have never been so moved by an artist’s work more than Picasso’s Picassos.

As elegantly pointed out in the exhibition guide of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Picasso’s “works reveal his unique vision of the world and embody his profound responses to it.”  His paintings really made me wonder about his life and his journey.  The images were so raw that you don’t just look at his paintings, you feel his passions, desires and fears.


Weeping Woman 1937 from his collection:  War Paintings:  Of Love and War 1936-1939

These are some of the works that I got to see (Picasso’s paintings right in front of me!)  His heart-wrenching expression was flawless and this is what I appreciated the most.


                                                                                                Guernica, 1937

In addition to his works Picasso, together with Georges Braque, produced the style of Cubism, a significant innovation in modern painting.


                                                                                               The Guitar Player, 1910

Picasso was also inspired by Surrealism and painted a collection of works displaying wildly dislocated body parts in erotic encounters.


Figures on the Seashore, 1931 from the collection:  Surreal Anxiety and Desire, 1924-1934.

For the summer of 2012, the Musee International Picasso of Paris collaborated with the Art Gallery of Ontario to present some of his works right here in Toronto.  It was quite an experience!

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