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Well it’s Sunday morning and I am doing homework which is due today.  Didn’t think I would get it done in time!  This is an assignment that I thought I would post on my blog and share with you: Eight design blogs that I love.  The course is part of Holly Becker’s  Blogboss e-course that I started earlier this month.  Check it out at and click on the e-course tab if you’re interested in learning more about her classes.  So far it has been a great learning experience!  The first six blogs are ones that I follow regularly and the last two belong to students taking the course and that I have recently bookmarked.

1.  Design Sponge, one of my favourites, has great content and the layout is so colourful and creative that it just makes me want to read more.  The photos are beautifully laid out and so expressive.  The website is organized and easy to navigate.  See if you like it:

2.  Apartment Therapy is another blog I like and you may have probably heard of it already.  This one has great DIY content and also has a shopping guide for products listed.  Another thing that’s great about this blog is how projects are presented in progress, before and after.  I also think the author renders herself as very approachable and down to earth.  The website is

3.  Hindsvik Blog.  I love, love, love the big photos but that’s just me!  Their shop has some interesting furniture and decor products in vintage and modern styles.  The layout of their blog is clean and modern as well which I think lends to their product line.  I’m also a fan of their design and architecture tab and they often post lifestyle images.  Visit their website at

4.  Design Milk.  This is another great blog about design.  I love how they post pictures of the writers who contribute to the blog.  The content is really informative and comprehensive in that topics range from fashion, to decor  and architecture.  You can find it at

5.  The Style Files.  Again this blog has a very clean and fresh layout.  The images are pretty and well laid out.  my favourite thing about this blog is that the posts have photos that are themed by colour so it has a very coordinated look and feel to it.  The author is also very personable.  You can see it at

6.  Remodelista.  The tag line is:  Sourcebook for Considered Living which kind of sparked my interest in seeing what this blog is all about.  The images are big and beautiful and well organized.  The blog itself is very informative and I really like how it presents new products on the market.  Their website is

7.  Flowerona.  This is one of the student blogs I found that I quite enjoyed.  It’s all about, you guessed it, flowers!  The thing that got my attention was her colourful layout and graphic design.  I love the colours too.  It’s organized, easy to navigate and also has posts with video.  Please find it at

8.  Mina Moka is a blog about ‘handpicked and handmade bits and pieces’.  I love the graphic design of this blog; it’s so clean and simple.  It highlights the images which are gorgeous.  The text is easy to read and the links are easy to follow.  The content is very unique and original too.  Please visit it at and see for yourself!

Well there it is.  A list of some blogs that inspire me to create a better blog!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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