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Creating My Dream Blog


Hello!  This post is a continuation of  last week’s post.  For our third homework assignment with we had to design a mood board for our ideal blog and what it would look like.  Customizing my blog will probably take some time and I do plan on taking a WordPress course in May but here is the jist of what I would like to create.

For starters I want my blog to feel fun, fresh and light.  This could perhaps be accomplished through a colour scheme which may include some light pinks mixed with white and neutrals.  I would like to also add my social media buttons at some point to include  Twitter, Pinterest and Houzz .  At the moment I have a separate website for my interior decorating business which I think I will incorporate into this blog (so I can keep things simple and efficient!)   Then I plan to purchase a domain name and an email account linked to my blog for easy connectivity with readers.  My goal would be to  ultimately inspire people looking for interior design information by posting topics that cover trends, new products, my projects and local finds.

Guess we’ll find out in a few months if this idea manifests itself or not!  In the meantime I am looking forward to the possibility of creating it!

Happy Sunday!

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