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Bright Ideas – Decorating with Light

This week’s topic is lighting, my favourite part of decorating because you can get real creative with it if you wanted to.  Knowing the style of lighting and where to place them are simple tasks but knowing how much and what type of light is needed is a whole other ball game.  The first thing to consider is the purpose of the room and what tasks if any will be performed.  Then you simply choose from one of two lighting categories:  ambiance or functional lighting.  Once that is figured out, look at your sources of natural light and then look at fun ways to incorporate your lighting.

For example, in a living room we want to create ambiance but if this is a room that you spend a lot of time reading in then combine functional lighting with ambiance lighting by using a retro floor lamp as shown below.



Ambiance lighting is used to create mood in a room and generally provides soft, diffuse areas of light.  In this application surface mounted fixtures, like sconces and ceiling lights, as well as chandeliers are used to create ambiance.  Look at how these sconces create a whimsical feeling with the light interplay they create.  It’s a great example of how lighting can be used in creative ways.



If you want to highlight a certain area or just create some interest in a room then spot lighting can be a fun element to incorporate.  When highlighting artwork, spot lights are definitely important.  There are many different ways to highlight artwork or pictures but here is a simple example of how directional track lighting can be used to emphasize a wall of framed art.



Then there are trends and funky designs in lighting which always add interest to a space.  Check these out:





The choices are endless and there are a slew of other considerations if you are renovating your home such as cove lighting, undercabinet lighting and the use of natural light through skylights.  Lighting consideration is definitely not to be missed when decorating and designing your space so give it some careful attention and create magic with light!

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