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DIY, French Style!

Nadine submitted photos of her apartment and is having particular difficulty designing her dining room which is adjacent to the foyer.  It is a small space but very bright and airy.  The configuration of her current space is such that the entry door opens straight into the dining room and the corridor extends into the living room so accessibility and ease of traffic flow is important.

In terms of Nadine’s style and budget, she loves feminine, french style interiors and wants to focus primarily on furniture placement.  She will be keeping the table and purchasing new chairs.  She also wants to keep the long mirror but wants to place it in a more suitable location.   Nadine is not interested in repainting but the current colour on her walls is in line with traditional french style as are the beautiful thick trim and baseboards.

Here are the elevations I came up with for the corresponding walls:

august room2a

august rooma

For the foyer, a french style console was chosen at the entrance and topped with a mirror.  It would be a great place to display some vintage accessories and store her keys.  In the dining room we placed the table and four Louis style chairs facing each other 2X2.  Clean lined roman shades were chosen in a toile fabric shown below to invoke a modern take on a french style.  A drum shade chandelier is placed over the table and artwork was placed on the larger side of the wall.   The long mirror would be spray painted white and then hung on the far right of the foyer so as to conceal it from view.

Nadine has some blue accents in her living room therefore it would be great to pick up on that colour in the dining room and foyer.  Blue is also a classic colour in french decor.  As such, a blue and white french toile is recommended for the roman blinds and the fabric on the chairs can be a blue velvet.  The table will be spray-painted a classic white colour, hence the wood of the chairs will be white as well.  Here are examples of the recommended blue toile, chandelier, chairs and console table.


Toile fabric for roman shades.

INT2191v1 (1)

Louis XIV chair

drum chandelier

Crystal and drum shade


Classic console table

Thanks Nadine!  I hope this is what you were envisioning!

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