I recently spoke with a friend who moved into her brand new condo and helped her with a few decorating ideas. One thing that I love about interacting with people is the fact that there is always a thing or two to learn from them. She spoke so enthusiastically about a colour that it tweaked my interest. With a little bit of curiosity and an open mind I found myself delving into her favourite colour, chartreuse. So I thought I would share with you this great summer colour with a french flair.

So what is chartreuse? Historically chartreuse was a liqueur originally made by French monks in the 18th century and aged in oak barrels. It is an aromatic liqueur made from 130 different herbs which gives it its unique colour. The liqueur comes in two varieties, green and yellow and each lends to the colour chartreuse green and chartreuse yellow shown below.

chartresue green
chartreuse yellow

As you can see chartreuse green and yellow are quite lively and would be great when balanced with shades of white to create a wonderful fresh vignette. Unless you love lots of colour in a room, it may be best to use chartreuse sparingly, in pillows, bed linens, table settings or accent walls. Too much chartreuse may quickly become overbearing and tiring but if used in the right proportions it can easily transform your space by bringing the outdoors in.

Now in the thick of spring (here in Canada) we will soon see these two shades of yellow green all around us – in sunlit trees, shrubs, fruits and flowers. It is definitely a nature-inspired colour and if you love yellow in your interiors but want to tone down on its intensity, chartreuse is a perfect alternative. All you have to do to spice up a room with primarily neutral colours is to choose a few chartreuse accessories and all of a sudden you have created a whimsical, summer feel to it. With a combination of green’s calmness and yellow’s intensity chartreuse is sure to add lots of interest to your space!


Have a great weekend!

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