I can’t believe it is already May; where does the time go!  The year is shaping up to be an interesting one to say the least. In a time when everything seems to be intensifying, whether we feel this on a personal or global level, a lot can be said for returning to the basics. The days, months and years are going by ever so quickly and we feel there is not even enough time to breathe. Creating a space that embodies a calm, minimalist attitude is where we are headed and it may be a trend in the right direction. So I decided to dedicate my next post to minimalistic design.


The idea was first set in fashion and now in art and design. Fashion runways are immersed in a clean, easy look with simple hairstyles and minimal makeup. Colours are soft and fabrics are light and breezy. This influence has now trickled down into interior design trends where simple, clean lines are emphasized and space is manipulated and maximized. The idea that a clear space creates a clear mind lends to the idea that a clear mind results in a more calm life. Hence minimalism in interior design and decorating is becoming increasingly popular in both home renovations and new building construction. The demand for well built spaces is on the rise as is the need for aesthetic and environmentally conscious interiors.


Minimalism can especially be applied to small spaces which can be easily fraught with clutter, large furniture and unnecessary accessories. An easy way to create the illusion of more space is to employ a monochromatic colour scheme throughout and to keep the walls plain. This will unify the rooms and create harmony.  Areas of interest can then be created using colour or texture as emphasis. Choosing bare furniture that is smaller in scale will make your space look larger and feel more open and breezy. It will also create an environment that is easy to move around in, free of barriers, which also supports a calm and comfortable atmosphere.


With increasingly busier lifestyles and ever emerging technology that allows for multitasking and instant communication, it is certain that as individuals we will feel immense pressure to get more done in a shorter period of time. This is the norm now; it is expected in the workplace and this attitude is not going away any time soon. At the end of the day, we now more than ever want to come home to a calm, relaxing and inviting space, one that recharges our batteries and gets us ready for the next day. Minimalistic interiors do just that. In these moments, where we can enjoy time at home, it is as if we want this time to stand still because in no time at all, we are getting ready for work again!

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