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Stage your Home and Sell It!

Hello!  Today I wanted to talk about staging your home to sell.  I recently went through the process of selling my condo and was really impressed with how staging not only gets your place ready for a new owner, it helps you to detach from your home psychologically.  At least this is what I found and as sad as I was to leave my little apartment , I knew it was the right choice for me.  Now in my new place I have opened up to a whole new range of possibilities and even though I am not yet settled, I can feel the excitement of being in a new place and in a vibrant part of the city.  It’s kind of like painting a blank canvas at this point.  Let’s see where life goes in the next little while!

These are photos of my old apartment, staged and ready for showings:


So back to staging.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to stage your home if you are selling.  Right now in Toronto, it is a bit of a buyer’s market so staging helps to market your home and get people through the door.  Unless you live in a hot neighbourhood it may take a little while to sell and if you want to move it fast, then staging is the thing to do.  All it takes is a little bit of effort and can be done on a pretty low budget.


The two main components of staging are: de-clutter and de-personalize.  Clean up your home inside and out.  Organize your objects and store them either in boxes or off premises.  Remove all unnecessary objects from the floor so as to show off all the space you have.  Store old furniture that is creating clutter and only have the bare minimum, showing the functionality of a room.  Most people can’t visualize the potential function of a room.  If, for, example you don’t have a dining room, rent a dining set and create space for it.  Show that there is space for the main components of a home.


De-personalizing your home will help future home owners to picture themselves in your place.  So if possible, remove all photos of you and your family, paint the walls a neutral colour and remove all accessories that might be personal to you.  Then recreate the space in a very minimalistic fashion with clean lines and a few simple accessories.  White linens are a great way to show cleanliness in the bathroom and bedroom.   Above and beyond that, try to keep your place in order during showings.


Marketing your home properly has huge value and the right realtor will be pivotal in getting your home seen and ultimately sold.  Moving was quite the experience and can be fairly stressful.  On to some new experiences then!

If you have any questions drop me a line below!



Photography by:  Tom Woodside,

Staging consultation by:  Michelle Finnamore,

My realtor:  Alina Spektor,

4 thoughts on “Stage your Home and Sell It!

  1. Hi Lori,
    This blog is exactly about what we need in the Netherlands. As we have an over saturated house market, our real estate agents see no good in staging homes. Can you believe that ? It’s truly amazing the photos I see. Bad photography, clutter lying around, personal items, too much pottery, too expressive colors. I’m trying to convince them to hire an interior designer, but they think it’s a waste of money. They rather give sellers the advise to drop the price with thousands of euro’s than spending a few hundred euros staging a house. It’s very sad. I always say to them “you are an expert of selling houses”, we are “experts on staging houses and getting the best out of them”. In the Netherlands people think that hiring an interior designer is only for ‘yuppies’.
    So, i’m making an elevator pitch to state how important it is to hire an interior designer, but it’s very difficult. I know that in the USA it is more common to hire someone. So I’m using that. Perhaps it will help.


    1. Hi Ilse! I’m glad to hear that you’re getting the word out in the Netherlands. Here home staging is pretty common and been accepted as a value added service. It makes a huge difference for sure! Even a fresh coat of paint alone will go a long way. There is definitely an art and a science behind staging which is what I love about it! Best of luck to you!


  2. Reblogged this on IlsePhilips * blog and commented:
    Interior designer Lori Salvati has written a nice blog about the importance of hiring an interior designer when selling your house. I cann’t stress enough the importance of that. In the Netherlands, real estate agents do not see the need of hiring us. They rather give their clients the advise to drop the price with thousands of euros instead of spending a small amount on staging the house. Very sad !


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