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Choosing Artwork for your Space

Well, we are almost into the long weekend here in Canada as we approach Canada Day so I thought I would dedicate my post to Canadian artists.

How do we go about choosing art for our interiors?  Should it match some elements in the space or should we dare choose art that we love, that somehow speaks to us?  This painting by Susan Gosevitz for example reminds me of the beauty and peacefulness of Canadian winters.  I can visualize it over a fireplace perhaps in a den or living room.



Artwork is usually a personal preference and ideally reflects something back to you, about you. I like to think of it as some kind of abstract connection that the artist creates with his or her audience. Art invokes an emotional response or a memory or a place and time, whether we realize this or not.  It communicates an aspect of the artist’s being and/or experience which can make us drawn to them without knowing why.  An artist captured your heart with his or her story by the stroke of a brush, the line of a pencil or the molding of clay.  So when choosing your art go with what you really love.  If it matches your interior, great.  If not, put it up anyway.



Painting by John Joy

One of my professors once told the class “artwork stands alone”.  It doesn’t have to melt in with your cushions or wall colour.  On the contrary, it creates emphasis all on its own.  One of the most important things however when deciding on artwork is its size in proportion to the wall or table (when considering artwork that rests on a surface).  Make sure it’s not too large or too small for the wall/table or try several small pieces arranged in an interesting way.



Painting by Nancy Ann Cowell

Finding unique artwork doesn’t have to be expensive.  Check out your local art schools for student presentations and galleries or walk into a cafe – sometimes they sell pieces by local artists.  It’s always great to have something unique so don’t fret too much about having to match your artwork to the surrounding space unless of course this is what you want.  Add a little interest and spark with an eclectic piece of art that beautifies and mystifies!

Happy weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Choosing Artwork for your Space

  1. i love the painting of susan gosevitz, just like you it reminds me of (swedish) winters. and i too agree with your professor. art really doesn’t have to match your cushions. choose an artwork which takes your breath away. you’ll never regret it.


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