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Re-Upholstering: Is it worth it?

Hello!  Wow is it ever scorching hot out.  I’m loving this late summer heat here in Toronto!  Today I thought I would talk about re-upholstery.

My last project involved a lot of fabric selections and re-upholstery so it was pretty fun!  At the outset, my clients’ biggest question was: “Is it worth it to re-upholster our living room chairs and sofas or should we just purchase a brand new set?”  Well, it depends.  The first thing I came to know was that my clients love and appreciate high quality furnishings.  Although their living room chairs and sofas were purchased in the eighties, the construction of the frame was excellent, the wood was in amazing condition and it was an expensive purchase at the time.  To purchase this kind of quality today would mean thousands of dollars.  A sofa, a loveseat and two wing chairs could easily surpass ten thousand dollars and a high quality fabric could easily make that price even higher. My clients were not willing to sacrifice quality for price but at the same time they didn’t want to spend an excessive amount of money on new living room furniture.  So their decision was to re-upholster and off I went to Alteriors to find my fabrics and present it to my clients.

I shuffled through hundreds of fabrics to get to our final selections but the good thing was we had a rug to pull our colours from which made it easier. Depending on style and budget there are numerous possibilities.  In the end we chose a neutral fabric by Maxwell for the sofas, a mildly patterned fabric for the chairs by Kravet and more lively and colourful patterns for the pillows by Robert Allen which tied it all together.


Sofa and pillow fabrics

new pics 234

Queen Anne wing chair re-upholstered with coodinating kidney pillow

new pics 281

A close up of the beautiful Robert Allen fabric for the pillows from their Hibiscus colour palette.

new pics 224

The cushion on the little chair was re-upholstered as well.  The existing rug is what we pulled our colour scheme from!

The benefits of re-upholstering are pretty cool:  firstly, it’s not only economical but environmentally friendly. They would have had to figure out a way to dispose of the furniture or try to sell it if they wanted to purchase new ones.  Re-using and recycling is a big trend right now as well.  Probably one of the best things about re-upholstering your seating is the fact that you will get a custom look.  In the end, I can easily say they saved about half over the cost of purchasing new seating, even with the high end fabric used to re-upholster and the cost of labour.

In the end their old art deco pink chairs (if you can imagine that!) and eighties style room was transformed into a more transitional style with the simple selection of new and modern fabrics.  It goes without saying that with their new look and the money they saved they were quite happy!

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