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Closets: Organize and Stylize!

This time of year always gets me into organization mode.  With back to school in full swing I am reminded of getting back into gear and what better time to organize our closets in preparation for a new season.  Over time, closets become oh so cluttered with stuff we don’t use anymore.  I don’t know about you but I can’t stand a cluttered closet.  When I clean it out and get it organized I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders.  Not only that, it creates room for all the new clothes we buy!  So this post is dedicated to closets and how we can make them fabulous!

First off, creating more space with shelves, bars and drawers is always a great idea.  House Beautiful has a great book out called ‘The Organized Home‘ and features storage solutions for every room in your house.  Below is a great little sketch of some closet ideas to use up every inch of space.


Condos in particular have very little closet space so installing a built-in closet organizer makes things a lot easier to find.  Boxes and shoe shelves are particularly helpful.  This image is taken from House Beautiful’s book ‘Small Space Decorating Workshop‘.


And now for the fun part:  styling your closet with  wallpaper, pretty baskets, painted trim, decorative hooks and even a chandelier if you have the space!







So there it is.  Closet project:  organize it, stylize it and love it!

Have a good one!

4 thoughts on “Closets: Organize and Stylize!

  1. Definitely love the last picture with the creme/green curtains. We also have a room as an en-suite closet next to our bedroom, but I have to confess it does not look so nice as the above ones. We have plans to re-decorating our bedroom with a washing table in the bedroom, and then we will also take care of the closet-room. But I’m still struggling with my ironing board. Where do I leave this ugly thing ?


    1. I know! Ironing boards are hard to store with limited storage space. I know there are some hooks to hold ironing boards on the wall or behind a door if that is feasible. I was thinking of doing this myself as I have the same problem. Actually that would be a good blog post! Thanks for the idea!!


  2. Great Post! A fashion blogger friend of my is dying to clean out my closet…I should let her but I’m afraid of what she might want e to part with…lol I’ll be at BlogPodium this weekend so I’ll be sure to find you and say hello 🙂


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