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Colour Trends 2014: Part 1 of 4

Happy Thanksgiving!

A couple of weeks ago I attended a presentation held by Sherwin-Williams on Colour Trends for 2014.  I’m pretty excited about the upcoming colours so over the next several weeks I thought I would post inspiration boards in each of the 4 colour categories presented by Sherwin-Williams.  They are: Diaphanous, Reasoned, Intrinsic, and Curiosity.  You can also find their detailed presentation at:

Diaphanous, in case you were wondering, is used to describe a material that has a fine, soft, and delicate texture so as to permit seeing through .  A feminine and ethereal nature encompasses the colours of this category.



I interpreted this palette in two ways:  the first, as exemplified below with soft, pastel tones…….



and the second exemplified below in a feathery, light and mystical mood:



My next post will look at the ‘Reasoned’ colour palette.

‘Til then!

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