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Colour Trends 2014: Part 4 of 4

Good day!  The last component to our colour trends series is here.  This one termed ‘Curiosity’ by Sherwin-Williams Colormix 2014 palette is shown below:



Muted tones in both cool greys and warm browns combine to create something a little odd and different.  Add a little colour and you have something even more unusual and eclectic.  I find this palette very soothing and earthy as well.








As you can see a mixture of pattern, colour and texture creates this palette.  Consequently the links to these images come from a couple of great blogs.  Check them out!  In meantime if you are in the process of decorating your place don’t be afraid to try something a little different.  Mix things up and combine unusual objects to create a bit of curiosity!

I will be taking a break until mid December.   My next post will highlight parts of my travel experiences in Columbia and will feature colonial Spanish architecture, art and design.

‘Til then, delight in anything curious!


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