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60’s Revival with an Eclectic Twist

Hello again!

It’s been a while since my last post.  I have been busy working on a new project for a few months now and it is finally complete.  It was a daunting one to start but I am happy with the results.  I purchased a set of vintage dining chairs from an antique store last summer with the hope of learning how to reupholster them.   They were kind of cheese-y at first glance but there was something about them that I loved and thought they were rather unique.  So I took them home and they sat in the basement until I was finally ready to take a crack at reupholstering them.  At a nearby community college I learned the basics of re-upholstery.  It is definitely not for the faint of heart – quite a bit of work indeed!  Even for a simple seat cushion there is a lot of time and detail that goes into it from selecting your foam and fabric to aligning the fabric  pattern, to stretching the fabric and stapling it in place with a staple gun.  Our instructor was an experienced upholsterer so his guidance was invaluable.

Then came the fun part – refinishing the wood chair, or so I thought.  Painting the detail on the chair back was a bit too much.  Glad it’s over!  I chose Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in Pure White for the chairs and Duck Egg Blue for the table.  I find chalk paint really great in that it allows for more versatility and artistry in the finish such as distressing and colour mixing.  It is an awesome medium and easy to use.  Once the chairs were painted they were finished with a protective clear wax.

Below are photos of my progress from beginning to end:

Chair before
Chair frame
A newly upholstered seat
The completed piece!
An eclectic ensemble
Geometrics on a feminine palette
Some distressing at the edges
Chair back detail
Colour coordinates

There you have it.  A modern take an old style chair coupled with a stream lined vintage table.



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