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DIY Tack Board

Hi there!  In an ode to office organization I wanted to post one of my last projects which was a DIY tack board.  Couldn’t find anything interesting or pretty in the tack board department so I decided to craft one myself.  Off to Michaels I went and there I found an inexpensive, medium-sized tack board… Continue reading DIY Tack Board

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Closets: Organize and Stylize!

This time of year always gets me into organization mode.  With back to school in full swing I am reminded of getting back into gear and what better time to organize our closets in preparation for a new season.  Over time, closets become oh so cluttered with stuff we don’t use anymore.  I don’t know… Continue reading Closets: Organize and Stylize!

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Re-Upholstering: Is it worth it?

Hello!  Wow is it ever scorching hot out.  I’m loving this late summer heat here in Toronto!  Today I thought I would talk about re-upholstery. My last project involved a lot of fabric selections and re-upholstery so it was pretty fun!  At the outset, my clients’ biggest question was: “Is it worth it to re-upholster… Continue reading Re-Upholstering: Is it worth it?

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Downsizing: How My Painted Table Came to Be

Hello!  Hope everyone is well.   Today’s post is about problem solving around downsizing.  Moving into a smaller space can be challenging!  Sometimes we don’t know until we get into our new space whether our furniture, all of our furniture, will fit or not.  It would be a real headache to find out after your… Continue reading Downsizing: How My Painted Table Came to Be

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Choosing Artwork for your Space

Well, we are almost into the long weekend here in Canada as we approach Canada Day so I thought I would dedicate my post to Canadian artists. How do we go about choosing art for our interiors?  Should it match some elements in the space or should we dare choose art that we love, that… Continue reading Choosing Artwork for your Space

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Stage your Home and Sell It!

Hello!  Today I wanted to talk about staging your home to sell.  I recently went through the process of selling my condo and was really impressed with how staging not only gets your place ready for a new owner, it helps you to detach from your home psychologically.  At least this is what I found… Continue reading Stage your Home and Sell It!

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Summertime Florals

Hello!  It’s a beautiful warm day here in Toronto and it’s hard not to notice the beautiful blooms this time of year.  This week’s post is about enlivening your place with fresh cut flowers no matter what time of the year it is.  Flower arrangements are an awesome way to add colour, texture, aroma and… Continue reading Summertime Florals