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DIY Tack Board

Hi there!  In an ode to office organization I wanted to post one of my last projects which was a DIY tack board.  Couldn’t find anything interesting or pretty in the tack board department so I decided to craft one myself.  Off to Michaels I went and there I found an inexpensive, medium-sized tack board… Continue reading DIY Tack Board

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A Little Re-direction

Hello!  It’s been some time since I have posted and I am happy to be sitting down and writing a little bit tonight.  A lot of reflection has been happening in the last couple of weeks on this past year and where I want to go in 2014 with my blog.  If I had to… Continue reading A Little Re-direction

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Re-Upholstering: Is it worth it?

Hello!  Wow is it ever scorching hot out.  I’m loving this late summer heat here in Toronto!  Today I thought I would talk about re-upholstery. My last project involved a lot of fabric selections and re-upholstery so it was pretty fun!  At the outset, my clients’ biggest question was: “Is it worth it to re-upholster… Continue reading Re-Upholstering: Is it worth it?

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Downsizing: How My Painted Table Came to Be

Hello!  Hope everyone is well.   Today’s post is about problem solving around downsizing.  Moving into a smaller space can be challenging!  Sometimes we don’t know until we get into our new space whether our furniture, all of our furniture, will fit or not.  It would be a real headache to find out after your… Continue reading Downsizing: How My Painted Table Came to Be

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A Loft-y Place

Hi there!  A short post this week just sharing one of my projects.  This one was really fun as I love big, open loft spaces and eclectic decor.  The 2D images were done in Autocad and the 3D ones in Sketchup.  Would love to get your feedback on it! There it is.  Have a good… Continue reading A Loft-y Place

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Finished Powder Room

Hi there!  Today I am going back to my post of March 6th, 2013 as I finally have a picture of the completed project.  As mentioned in that post, this powder room was an addition to the main floor of an old tudor-style home which has bathrooms only on the upper and lower levels.  The… Continue reading Finished Powder Room